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Covenant Transport Trucking Company Review

Truck Driving JobsCovenant Transport, like most larger trucking companies, has some reputation issues. Covenant TransportThis is especially evident on trucking forums and blogs. These online complaints need to be taken in the right perspective though. Many drivers that work for Covenant are new to the OTR lifestyle. They make complaints about Covenant Transport but in reality, it’s the lifestyle they don’t like. Covenant does have some dedicate accounts, but new drivers usually start off in the OTR division.

Through my own research, I also discovered that many of the people complaining online have never actually driven for Covenant. So as a whole, I think Covenant gets a pretty bad rap online.

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Things to consider

One of the biggest complaints about Covenant Transport is due to their policy on new drivers being forced to team up. Recent CDL grads and new drivers must go through 35 days company training, then team up with another driver (usually another new driver) for 120 days.

Covenant is considered to be a “faith based” trucking company. Their Christian roots tend to make some non-religious drivers uncomfortable. Basically, the trailers have religious undertones such as anti-abortion phrases and drivers are frequently sent bible verses to their in-cab Qualcomm units.

Some other miscellaneous complaints such as frequent payroll errors exist, but all in all, Covenant has a decent reputation compared to many other companies of its size.

Covenant Transport at a Glance

Covenant Transport belongs to the Covenant Transportation Group (CTG). They operate an umbrella of companies including Covenant of Chattanooga, Tennessee, Southern Refrigerated Transport (SRT) based out of Texarkana, Arkansas, and Star Transportation of Nashville, Tennessee. In total, they have 3,600 tractors and 9,500 trailers.

Covenant Recruiting Video

What is the geographical hiring area?

While Covenant tends to hire out of nearly every state, here are the areas they prefer to hire out of…

Covenant TransportCovenant Transportation
What are the areas of operation?

All 48 states.

How much experience is needed to be qualified?

They hire recent CDL grads and offer a paid company training program. In order to qualify for a dedicated account you must have a minimum of 6 months experience within the last 12 months.

Is there a training program?

While they do not operate their own CDL schools, they hire recent graduates of private CDL programs and will provide post CDL company driver paid training. Tuition reimbursement of $125 / month up to a total of $6,000 is available to recent CDL grads.

How long does company training last?

Phase 1 lasts about 35 days. During this period new drivers are teamed up with an experienced driver and certified trainer.

Phase 2 takes about 120 days to complete. During this time, you will share a truck with another driver as you grow your driving skills. Your training is not considered done until this phase is complete

You should plan on a minimum of 5 to 6 months before having the choice to drive a solo truck.

What is the compensation during training?

Drivers earn a mileage based pay during training. After some research, it appears approximately $400 / week can be expected during phase 1. Phase 2 brings with it a mileage based pay increase with about $600 – $700 per week on average.

What is the pay like?

In 2008, the average salary at Covenant Transport for a solo OTR driver was $55,764.

What divisions are offered (dry van, flatbed, reefer, tanker, etc)?

The fleet currently consists of dry van and reefer divisions.

Are drivers forced dispatched?

Yes, in order to increase efficiency there is a forced dispatch policy in effect.

What If I Have A Bad Driving Record?

A poor driving record can definitely hurt your chances of getting hired by Covenant Transport. Complete an online traffic school before you apply if you have a poor driving record.

Are local, regional, or dedicated positions available?

Yes. Drivers who have 6 months experience are eligible for dedicated driving jobs.

How often can home time be taken?

Drivers are able to take home time after 14 days and earn 1 day off for every 7 days worked.

Can drivers take the truck home?

Most drivers live close enough to a secure company owned yard or terminal and leave their trucks on company property. However, exceptions are made for those living an extended distance from terminal and yard locations.

What are the health and retirement plans?

Discounted group medical insurance including dental and vision is available. A 401k plan is also available for company drivers.

Is vacation time offered?

Yes, after 1 year drivers earn 1 week off and $500. More vacation time can be earned with years of experience.

Are there any paid holidays?

There are 7 paid holidays at $50 per day.

What is the policy regarding riders and passengers?

At least 1 rider or passenger is allowed with company approval.

Is there a pet policy?

No pets are allowed on company trucks.